Job posts

  • 3D Hard Surface Artist

    Description: The Hard Surface Artist is a member of our ship production team, works on 3D model and textures spaceships for use in-game and marketing. Our ships...
  • Anime Character Concept Artist

    Description: The Anime Character Concept Artist develops the look and style for a variety of humans and aliens within the Infinite Fleet universe.
  • Cinematic 3D Animator

    Description: We are looking for an experienced 3D Animator to develop and animate our new cinematics. The ideal candidate is both an Anime and hard sci-fi fan...
  • Game UX Designer

    Description: The UX Designer ensures that the work produced is well designed, consistent with the whole project, and is user-focused to deliver the best user...
  • Level Designer

    Description: The Level Designer creates and implements game levels in line with the design and creative intentions to achieve the best gaming experience!