UI Engineer (Unity)



Infinite Fleet is set in space in the near future, where humanity has expanded and established several colonies across nearby star systems. But a ferocious alien race - the Atrox - has been decimating the human race. As a player, you will be assigned the command of a fleet of next-generation spaceships that will help to turn the tide.

Check out the trailer for Infinite Fleet below.

We are looking for someone with solid experience in Unity UGUI to help the team build out the UX for our upcoming MMO Infinite Fleet! You will take the detailed designs from our UI Artist and UX Design and bring them to life in Unity, working closely together with both the art and the design team.


  • Work closely with designers, artists, and other engineers to establish a shared vision for compelling UI features
  • Develop, maintain, debug, test, and optimize functional and elegant UI features from approved concepts and mock-ups
  • Enabling relevant stakeholders' concerns to be identified, considered, and, when appropriate, addressed during the development of the product
  • Work directly with the designers to ensure that their vision is represented within our game
  • Work closely with the Technical Director & the Engineering Lead, Unity team


  • At least 4 years of experience in a similar position / with similar responsibilities, with at least 2 shipped titles
  • Strong experience with Unity and with creating adaptive user interfaces using Unity UGUI, you are proficient with C#
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; you are fluent in English and have the ability to explain and deliver accurate information
  • You are a team player with good listening and learning skills. You are organized, high detail-oriented, able to work under pressure to meet deadlines


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