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timeFebruary 20, 2021

We are proud to announce that we will be working with legendary composer Vince DiCola his longtime partner Kenny Meriedeth to produce the official score for the upcoming game trailer of Infinite Fleet.

A Grammy and a Golden Globe nominee, DiCola is a veteran in the music industry who has received worldwide recognition for his compositions. DiCola has created scores for the soundtracks of legendary Hollywood titles such as The Transformers: The Movie and Rocky IV.

DiCola’s signature style comprises a blend of 80’s-inspired rock rhythms and symphonic sequencers, the latter of which he pioneered in his scores for Rocky IV. Besides his compositions for Hollywood, DiCola’s music has also been featured in various works across the game industry, including titles such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, Angry Birds, and Gran Turismo 5.

“Vince DiCola’s music is the soul of the Transformers franchise,” said Pixelmatic CEO and Infinite Fleet creator Samson Mow, “I’m very excited to work with him and bring his unique sound to the Infinite Fleet universe.”

DiCola's iconic 80's sound captures an era that perfectly accentuates Infinite Fleet's retro anime art style and vivid storytelling.

“Kenny and I are honored to be a part of this project, and we're excited about working with Samson and the rest of the Infinite Fleet team,” DiCola commented on the collaboration. “It's a little too early in the process to describe the overall direction of the music, but the material we composed for the trailer is somewhat reminiscent of the hard-hitting synth rock style represented in my score to ‘The Transformers: The Movie,’ with some more modern and contemporary elements added into the mix. We look forward to working with the Infinite Fleet team to make this project unique and special.”

Infinite Fleet is Pixelmatic’s flagship online strategy game in which players command fleets of customizable spaceships and play cooperatively to fend off an alien threat, leaving their legacy in the game’s lore via its unique directed narrative feature. The game draws inspiration from space real-time strategy (RTS) and MMO classics like Homeworld and EVE Online, while integrating a crypto asset to power its in-game peer-to-peer economy.