Game UX Designer


We are looking for a UX Designer, to ensure that the work produced is well designed, consistent with the whole project, and user-focused to deliver the best user experience possible for the end-user!


Infinite Fleet is an ambitious MMO strategy game. It is set in space in the near future, where humanity has expanded and established several colonies across nearby star systems. But a ferocious alien race - the Atrox - has been decimating the human race. As a player, you will be assigned the command of a fleet of next-generation spaceships that will help to turn the tide.

Check out the trailer for Infinite Fleet below.


  • Create mockups and wireframes and form them into interactive prototypes using relevant tools
  • Create user flow charts to maximize navigation efficiency
  • Work with game designers and UI artists to translate game system requirements into seamless experiences
  • Collaborate on documentation to keep content user-friendly and digestible to all players
  • Work closely with internal stakeholders on marketability, user research, and player personas, particularly in data analysis and marketing
  • Use qualitative and quantitative data to understand the player’s journey and provide and validate solutions
  • Advocate for UX as a discipline at every stage of game development
  • Respond to feedback and iterate where necessary
  • Work closely with the Chief Creative Officer and the Director of Art
  • Perform other related duties in line with assignments


  • At least 4 years of experience in a similar position / with similar responsibilities in the gaming industry (mobile or free-to-play preferred)
  • You have strong knowledge and experience in UX process and design, using interactive prototyping software like Adobe XD, or InVision
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; you are fluent in English and have the ability to explain and deliver accurate information
  • You are a team player with good problem-solving skills. You are meticulous and highly detail-oriented


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