Audio Designer


As a Sound Designer at Pixelmatic, you’ll be part of our talented art team and tasked with bringing life to our game through gorgeous sound effects. Your main responsibility will be to work with the Director of Art to design and implement the sound effects for Infinite Fleet that are congruent with the artistic vision of the game!


Infinite Fleet is an ambitious MMO strategy game. It is set in space in the near future, where humanity has expanded and established several colonies across nearby star systems. But a ferocious alien race - the Atrox - has been decimating the human race. As a player, you will be assigned the command of a fleet of next-generation spaceships that will help to turn the tide.

Check out the trailer for Infinite Fleet below.


  • Create unique and engaging sounds for various parts of the game including UI, weapons, animations, gameplay events, and cinematics
  • Maintain the consistency of audio quality and style of the audio vision across the project with key stakeholders
  • Proactively research and share inspiring audio that supports the brand and audio vision
  • Work closely with the Design and VFX Teams to plan and prototype new features
  • Implement and uphold the stability of audio with the Developers' team
  • Find and fix audio-related bugs promptly
  • Document and improve the audio workflow as it grows


  • 2 to 5 years experience in game audio design, with at least 1 AA or AAA game shipped
  • Advanced understanding of Unity audio workflow
  • Experience with Wwise, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, or similar
  • Always learning and able to quickly adapt to new situations and challenges
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Chinese are a plus
  • Extremely well organized, detail-oriented, and manages time efficiently
  • Results-driven, accountable, and able to accept feedback and criticism professionally