Technical Artist (Unity)


We are looking for a Technical Artist (Unity) to be the bridge between Art and Engineering departments. The Technical Artist will collaborate with a passionate team of artists, project managers, and developers to push the visual quality and performance of our games!

Your mastery of the art production workflows, tools, and pipelines will enable artists to achieve their best possible results in Unity and HDRP. As a Technical Artist, you will be involved in monitoring the game performance, leveraging the lighting and VFX systems, creating shaders, providing support to other teams, and finding creative solutions to reach the visual target quality.


Infinite Fleet is an ambitious MMO strategy game. It is set in space in the near future, where humanity has expanded and established several colonies across nearby star systems. But a ferocious alien race - the Atrox - has been decimating the human race. As a player, you will be assigned the command of a fleet of next-generation spaceships that will help to turn the tide.

Check out the trailer for Infinite Fleet below.


  • Create game-ready VFX systems to get a functional pass before artists can iterate them
  • Support the VFX artists team by providing technical guidance and ensuring that all the assets conform to requirements
  • Provide ongoing technical support regarding tools and Unity to every Art team member and share best practices and techniques. Ensure that they are using them effectively and educate them about technical constraints
  • Define art workflows and pipelines
  • Ensure asset optimization and conformity to requirements
  • Leverage the Unity HDRP Lighting system to reach the visual target quality
  • Supervise performance profiling
  • Be proactive by foreseeing problems and technical needs before they happen
  • Work closely with the Technical Director & the Lead Unity Engineer


  • At least 6 years of experience in a similar position / with similar responsibilities and at least 2 titles shipped
  • You have deep knowledge and understanding of video game development processes and techniques
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; you are fluent in English and have the ability to explain and deliver accurate information
  • You are a team player with good listening and learning skills. You are organized, high detail-oriented, able to work under pressure to meet deadlines


  • Strong overall experience in working with Unity 3D
  • Excellent knowledge of cutting edge AAA rendering techniques and post-processing
  • Strong experience with Unity HDRP and PBR Lighting systems
  • Strong experience in VFX Systems, VFX Graph is a must
  • Advanced usage of Photoshop or Gimp
  • Familiar with node-based shaders system (Shader Graph)
  • Familiar with 3D modeling software like Blender (preferred) or 3DS Max
  • It will be a plus if you have experience with Substance Painter, and with other standard game engines besides Unity


Apply now with your resume and portfolio!